Velocity Pay provides payment gateway services to enable merchants to process, authorise, settle and manage credit or debit card transactions globally 24/7. You can easily fill in the Gateway Application online.

Accept Credit Cards Online for your Ecommerce venture. Velocity Pay is what is called an Internet Card Payment Service Provider (PSP). We provide a Payment Gateway through which merchants can process credit cards online. VelocityPay can process all major credit & debit cards, including American Express & Diners Club International. We also support all the major Internet Merchant account providers. For a complete list of supported cards and Internet Merchant Account Aquirerers please click here

Unlike traditional online payment service providers Velocity Pay is a flat rate service. Velocity charges a flat rate per transaction based on your volume but will never be in excess of £0.10 per transaction. Traditional Payment Service Providers will charge setup fees, yearly fees, security feature fees as well a percentage for every credit card transaction.. Percentage fees can be as much as 8.00% per transaction.

Velocity Pay Issue picturelizard 28 Jan 2014 and was an instant sucess with loan companies and especially with Texaco's Credit card

Just a quick note to let Velocity Pay user know that it seems there has been a change in their API.

I noticed this on the 27th Jan 10 with customers not being able to checkout properly.

I've done a quick work around for now but have contacted Velocity to discuss with support and release a proper fix soon.

For those who are having trouble email me on and I'll pass on the temporary fix.

Velocity Pay Direct Updat 1.2 picturelizard 11 Jan 2009

Same update as previously upload BUT...

you'll need to change the store URL to your own on line 111 of catalogincludesmodulespaymentvelocity_direct.php


1) Improved layout of the wording for payment page (see screen shot)
2) Also added the CV2 popup help page.
3) CV2 help page wording changed to be more concise
4) Added <META http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" /> fix to CV2 pop up
5) Added Close button on CV2 Pop up

note: other payment modules users of the CV2 popup may wish to use this update

Velocity Pay Direct v2